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Study One:

craft beer label

Dry Dog Dunkel


Dry Dog Dunkel


Dry Dog Dunkel

"This was one of my personal favorite student projects assigned during my second year of college. The idea was to design a craft beer label around the random name you pulled out of a hat. The color palette of oranges & yellows are used to mirror the aesthetics of a dry desert. At the center of the bottle is a stoic dachshund - a homage to the German heritage of the lager. On the back label of each bottle, you can find food pairings that will pair well with the drink."

Study Two:

personal identity set

Business Card


Business Cards



*2019 American Advertising Awards - Silver Addy Award Winner*

"Making your own identity set is always one of the hardest projects as a designer. Doing a ton of research beforehand, I knew I wanted a strong, sturdy letterpress card to make a lasting impression. Ultimately, orange was the final color choice for my personal branding. The icons used in my identity set represent my design process: sketching ideas, initial research & color theory, turning it into digital, and ultimately solving solutions."

Study Three:

bird seed packaging

Right Panel + Front

Back w/ Cutout

Left Panel + Front


*2019 American Advertising Awards - Silver Addy Award Winner*


"The main intention for this redesign was to offer an alternative to the large plastic bags typically used to store birdseed. The new design features a modern and nature-friendly approach with a biodegradable cardboard packaging. The lightweight container has an easy pour spout that caters to the older, empty nester target market, all while leaving a smaller carbon footprint on the world."

Study Four:

twenty-4 farm rebrand


Website Design 1

Website Design 2

"Twenty-4 Farm is a small, family-owned farm in Cambridge, Ohio. The farm raises dairy and beef calves, goats and, pigs for 4-H kids to take and show during fair season. These aspects were important to portray in the final logo design. Along with a logo refresh, a brand new website with user-friendly functionality was important. Since the farm's focus is baby animals, I wanted to combine a modern farm feel with a nursery type color scheme."

Study Five:

lester's lantern - ipad game design

Home Screen

Gameplay Level

Level Select

Lester’s Lantern is a mysterious search & find platformer iPad game concept that is an original idea that could be very popular. The game’s mysterious main character, Lester, travels through different worlds using his rusty, trusty lantern and his sidekick, his own shadow. Lester’s shadow can be used in different parts of the game to progress (going through vents to get to other rooms, reaching difficult areas, crossing an abyss, etc). Gas cans are collected throughout each world to keep the lantern lit. If the lantern runs out of fuel (based on a fuel bar located at the top of the screen), your shadow becomes unusable. The dark hides some scary things as well.

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